Interior Disposition winter

1. Syncope
2. Reflecting The Sound Of My Heart
3. To Winter
4. A Yellow Moon Is Growind Cold
5. Electric Fires
6. Winter Dream
7. Where The Heaven's Weeping [Bonus]

CDR format in cardboard

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This is the second part of dilogy, the theme of which began in the album "From Autumn..." The first part is a camp "in a dark forest" in the middle of life, the anabiosis of nature and a human soul. There is no movement, just a weightless flow of time and a rustle of the rain.
And then winter comes. The sun approaches to the lowest point where the ascent will begin. The awakening from a deep swoon is impossible (it will happen in spring), the space is frozen, the movement stops, the music sounds like a dream where the plot is unpredictable. All six tracks (as well as the seventh one - a bonus as in the previous album) are different, since the album has been being written for almost four years. In general, "... To Winter" sounds gloomier but less melancholic than the first part of the dilogy. The album appeals to those who are not afraid of a night winter forest and of the distant lights leading to the industrial areas of exclusion.